Scott Morrison’s social media team has pivoted with a refreshed marketing strategy this weekend, outlining plans to only have the Prime Minister photographed alongside Australians who have their faces covered.

In an PR pivot that’s been applauded by industry insiders, it appears Scotty from Marketing is now under strict instructions to only approach people for photographs if it’s impossible for them to be seen glaring.

It’s been reported Scotty was seen out in public over the weekend with the new and improved media strategy written in black marker on his forearm, a handy reminder of the Liberal Party’s new PR slogan;

“If they don’t show their face, you won’t have another Grace”

An enthusiastic proponent of implementing audacious strategies in an effort to correct his image, it’s understood Scotty from Marketing has welcomed the plan like a Hawaiian holiday.

It’s believed Scotty has even thrown his Akubra hat (which Jenny bought for him) into the ring by personally attending several brainstorming sessions with his media team, excited to come up with some innovative situations where he could hold an Australian hostage for a staged happy snap.

After posing alongside an Underwater Hockey team in Cairns on Friday, the Prime Minister is now on the lookout for several other face covered Aussies to strike off the hitlist.

“Let’s do some Nurses next!” the Prime Minister reportedly told his team.

“Yeah with those masks and face shields, there’s no way anyone could pick that they probably haven’t slept for a week.”

“Then I reckon we go for some drill rappers, you know the ones out in Western Sydney, a selfie with them talking about jobs would go down a treat!”

It’s understood the Prime Minister’s office has officially reached out to a number of prominent Australian mascots, who also physically can’t show any resemblance of a facial expression.

“Yep, where’s Dorothy The Dinosaur, Prime Possum and what’s Borobi, the surfing Koala from the 2018 Commonwealth Games doing?

“Get them on the line, I want a photo by Monday!”


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