Though local woman tells herself she’ll stop going on benders, by the end of the work week, her brain is well and truly done.

As someone who never really was into booze all that much, Anna Goodrick never understood why people did dry Julys, as it surely couldn’t be that hard to go a month without a drop of alcohol.

But come age 25, Anna has found that drinking has not only taken over her weekends but has also started creeping into her week. Likely, because being a part of Australian culture means most social activities are almost always accompanied by booze.

Unfortunately for Anna, alcohol tends to have a negative impact on her already highly-strung personality, including shameful Sundays that see her evaluating all her life choices – especially if she was a little trigger happy with Facebook messenger the night before.

For this weekend’s meltdown, an exhausted Anna has attempted to drown her sorrows by chucking a few chicken tendies in the oven and using the same baking paper she’s had in there for months, i.e. the bachelor’s special.

But hearing the echoes of her nan’s warning ringing through her head, which is further amplified by her seemingly permanent state of anxiety, Anna finds herself unsure if the tendies are salmonella free – despite the burnt edges suggesting that she’s overdone it.
Glumly picking at the chicken and inspecting each bite for any telltale tinges of pink, Anna ends up leaving half of it on her plate rather than risk gastro.

More to come.


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