The past month of Royal Family-related news, starting with the birth of Prince William’s newest bub – followed by three weeks of non-stop bridal dress speculation, culminating with last night’s extravagant Royal wedding, has mum absolutely spent.

After six hours glued to last night’s commercial TV broadcast, mum somehow knew the name of every single person the camera focused on, and despite her mentally exhausted state she’s still rattling off obscure facts.

“Asparagus was an interesting option for entree” she says from the couch at 5pm.

While she runs back and forward from the iPad charger to get a quick hit of juice before going back to the living room for the next 20 minutes, it’s quite clear that this weekend has been bigger than Grand Final weekend, for mums.

“Oh it’s such a shame her Dad couldn’t be there” she says for the 6th time.

This scenario has been relayed around millions of Australian households this weekend, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

While mum tries to say she isn’t usually invested in this kind of stuff, it appears she’s been reading a fair few of those tabloid magazines at the hairdressers.

As the hysteria settles down over dinner, Mum says she’s can’t believe what Lleyton has done to Bec.


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