After finally getting his hands on the aux cord, local bender-rat Nicko is now acutely aware that his obscure choice in music could either make or break the vibe, as the kick-on pushes past sunrise.

This comes after Nicko’s several attempts at interrupting the roaring conversations and amateur DJing to play this cool new song that he’s discovered throughout the week.

According to the industry research group, B.I.G.O.N.E (Bender Institute of Groggy Over-The-Top Nights and Evenings), the key to picking the ideal song while on a kick-on is to find one that no one has heard before, as well as one of a relatively different genre, but not too different.

After a few cracks at showing off his musical knowledge, Nicko finally takes his chance.

With the adrenaline pumping, Nicko dives into a brief gap in conversation topics and led with confidence.

“Oi, I’ve got a good song” he says, firmly.

Meg, the alpha of the kick-on, and seemingly care-free host responded positively to Nicko putting himself out there.

“What’ve you got?” she responds, with a tone that indicats that this is his one and only shot.

With his entire body now paralysed by the pressure, Nicko’s mind goes blank.

That up-tempo alt-rock song he has been aching to play for three hours has completely escaped him.

Looking down at the phone, he opens up YouTube, as if to look like this song is so underground that it’s not on any streaming apps.

But really, he’s just buying time.

After four excruciating minutes, the vibe is starting to fold, someone yawns, a bird coos outside.

Nicko has to admit defeat and go for a classic 90s rap ballad… Only to cop a 15 second advertisement for some new movie with Shia LeBouf.

The song finally comes on. He’s chosen Still D.R.E.

He’s now extremely self conscious, but Meg nods with satisfaction at this rushed choice… Several others do as well. It looks like he’s almost pulled off this nightmare 5:00 am social gaffe.

It’s the censored version.


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