In what was truly a wildcard entry for the first month of the year, rockstar Neil Young has provided the ultimate ultimatum to Spotify by forcing them to choose between him and their top selling Podcast host, Joe Rogan.

This request is alleged to have been driven by Joe Rogan’s controversial episodes raising doubt about need for the jab, which has been largely criticised by scientists for spreading misinformation. Touting his immense platform and influence as ‘dangerous’ many have called for Spotify to boot him off – which has no way of happening, considering how much he earns.

It’s suspected that Young’s reaction was bolstered by his experience of polio, which he endured for three years before a jab was available. Having survived a disease that was not only deadly, but left survivors with horrifying symptoms, it’s understandable why Young would have such a strong opinion on Rogan’s opinion on spicy cough jabs – especially considering the boomer remover is far more deadly.

Rogan’s statements have stirred discussions on the effect of free speech, and whether it’s ethically okay to silence people for voicing their opinions. As someone who’s gotten in hot water before with some of the content on his episodes, Rogan is no stranger to controversy, stating that he ‘wasn’t anti vax’ and had gotten the vax himself. However, his comments that young people should forgo it have not been taken lightly, as many impressionable listeners could be prompted to take his advice – which of course, he’s not medically qualified to give.

But considering he’s not one to back down, Rogan has further escalated the situation and titillated listeners by naming his next medical skepticism focussed episode after one of Young’s big hits, ‘The Needle and The Damage Done’ in what is a truly brutal insult to injury.

It’s unknown if Young will react to swipe, or if he’s too busy negotiating a higher deal with Apple Music.

More to come.


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