A Betoota Grove cafe has today been praised for providing utensils strong enough to cut through sourdough bread, instead of flimsy butter knives that do little to dent it.

‘The Rusty Kettle’’ had been a beloved hotspot for locals since it’s launch date one year ago, but is now alleged to become incredibly popular to the point where getting a table on Sunday was next to impossible.

At first, the owners had chalked the success up to their menu and fantastic service, as well as it’s prime location across from the lake.

But after taking the time to respond to the hundreds of five star reviews left in the span of just one week, owners Lisa and John were surprised to discover that it wasn’t their blueberry ricotta pancakes that had prompted the reaction, but something as simple as a utensil switch.

Our reporter chats to a couple of people waiting on a table, to see why introducing steak knives was such a game changer.

“Every cafe I’ve been to only offers bloody butter knives”, says frequent visitor, Jim, “you ever tried cutting a piece of sourdough bread with a butter knife?”

“Gets you nowhere.”

Another local, Anita, says that she used to avoid having breakfast dates as she would often resort to breaking the bread with her teeth or visibly struggle to get the knife through.

“I’m over the moon”, says Anita, “I’ve always wanted to have a breakfast date.”

At the time of reporting, it’s said that nearby cafes have also gotten on board with the knife upgrade and were rewarded for their revolutionary efforts.

More to come.


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