Australia’s volatile anti-medicine/borderline Nazi voters are at a loss today, after their loudest supporter from Canberra was banned from Facebook.

Former Liberal MP Craig Kelly has been booted by the social media giant, for repeatedly breaching its misinformation policies.

This follows a messy few months for the Member For Hughes – who holds the electorate that borders Morrison – after the big united handed his letter of resignation to Prime Minister’s Office during a February party room meeting.

He said he would sit on the crossbench but will continue to provide supply for the government — meaning he will vote with the government on bills or legislation related to the budget.

So he’s basically still a member of the coalition, except for the fact that Morrison can’t call him into his office to dress him down any more, and is now free to explore whatever YouTube rabbitholes he wants.

He also said he would vote with the government on all policies that were taken to the last election, except for obviously any policies that conflict with his hardcore medical skepticism.

But today, with no major social media platform to feed his anti-vaxxer chooks, Craig Kelly’s political career is as good as done.

This now gives Albanese a prime opportunity to sure up the pivotal coastal redneck conspiracist vote – by undermining public health measures and the dedicated scientists working tirelessly to find a way to end this horrible pandemic.

It is not yet known if the Labor party has the in-house expertise to create deranged JPEG images that misquote Bill Gates and somehow defend the Catholic Church against pedophilia accusations.

Early whispers suggest the Greens might also be making a move on this crucial voter block, with several of the party’s enviro-leftie powerbrokers spotted arriving in Byron airport today to begin talks with Pete Evans about a possible run at the Federal Upper House with them.

Craig Kelly has since moved to Twitter to call for Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to be dragged before a Royal Commission, and made to explain why a former 57-year-old former rugby prop can no longer use his platform to share disproven medical opinions with the masses.


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