A woman’s iPhone has today been irreparably damaged, despite having had much worse done to it in the past.

It’s alleged Shonna Porter [32] had a long and checkered history with Apple products, cracking multiple phone screens and spilling various liquids on her Mac keyboard.

Having never had to deal with planned obsolescence as his clumsiness was obsolescence enough, Shonna has so far refused to buy sturdier products, preferring the convenience of being able to borrow someone’s charger when she forgot her. 

But this unswerving loyalty has today been tested, when an absentminded Shonna sat down on the couch – only to discover she’d clipped the edge of her phone. 

Expecting to see nothing wrong, Shonna was shocked to discover that her phone’s screen was completely shattered to the point where it was unusable – despite not even incurring a single crack when she dropped it down two flights of stairs a month ago.

Grimacing as a close inspection showed the devices internal components were fucked, Shonna adds it to the iPhone graveyard situated in his bottom drawer, whilst seriously contemplating switching to an Android.

More to come.


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