Metropolitan customers of Australia’s favourite phone and internet provider are today walking a kilometre in the shoes of their regional counterparts.

This comes as a ‘major outage’ hits the Optus network, preventing customers in the city from making phone calls or sending text messages.

The move comes as a shock to people in the big smoke, who have received their annual reminder of how their phone is the most important thing in their life.

However, the mass outage that is yet to be corrected has come as no surprise to the telecommunications donors who live in regional and rural Australia.

“Oh, it’s properly out is it,” said one Condamine local, whose house and entire commute to work is a ‘reception blackspot’ that the company is working on rectifying ‘as soon as possible.'”

“Didn’t even notice,” he laughed.

“I’ve given up on even checking anymore. I’m like a backpacking uni student who is just hopping from hostel to cafe to Maccas to get free WiFi”

“I cannot wait for my 192-month plan to come to an end next year.”

“Then I can get price gouged by Telstra.”

“The joys.”

The Advocate contacted Optus in regards to the outage, but their response cut out half way through.

More to come.


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