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Just days after the world thought he hit her in the throat with a tennis ball, under-siege tennis star Novak Djokovic has appeared on The Ellen Show in an effort to repair his tarnished image.

The Serbian sportsman made international headlines for losing his cool during at US Open in Flushing Meadows earlier this week, where he accidentally smashed a ball into the throat of a lineswoman.

The incident saw Djokovic disqualified from the tournament, meaning for the first time in ages, someone besides him, the Fed and Nadal is going to win a Grand Slam.

Nevertheless, Djokovic’s appearance on The Ellen Show marks the first show back for Degeneres after allegations surfaced over her treatment of her employees and most recently, of her house staff.

“Looks like everyone thinks we’re both massive fuckwits!” Ellen opened with.

Lost in translation, Novak simply laughed and nodded.

“Hey people don’t really know who the real Novak is and he is a nice person such as Roger Federer or Ricky Ponting,” he said.

“Anyway, it is funny how the world thought I hit you in the throat!”

Ellen laughed.

“Yeah, imagine if you did!”

Novak laughed.

“Yes, that’s what I mean!”

The show then went to an ad break and when it came back, a rerun of A Country Practice was in its place.

More to come.


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