A local pub in Betoota Heights has today performed a little magic trick.

The Bearded Pig on The Link Road in our aspirational district, did so this morning by turning 10 kilos of the cheapest bulk beef mince into Wagyu.

Wagyu is a type of beef that is growing in popularity around the country and the world for its strong marbled flavour, which is developed as a result of fattening Japanese breeds of cattle with feed and decreasing their grazing.

The meat is understandably more expensive than the traditional beef served up in most kitchens, so the trick developed by the Bearded Pig is certainly a valuable one.

The incredible trick was again performed by the pub’s head chef, who said it’s a feat he learnt some years ago.

“A good magician never reveals his secrets my friend,” laughed the inked pub chef over a dart this morning.

“But it’s a special skill of mine to turn minced beef grizzle into prime Wagyu.”

“Not as if people around here know the difference anyway.”

“It just sounds nice, and it’s pretty good of us not to pass the price on. 12 bucks for a Wagyu burger is great value.”

We agreed and bought a brunch one.


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