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If there’s one thing you can always guarantee with hardcore Nirvana fans, it’s their ability to gatekeep the massively popular band at any given opportunity.

Despite Kurt Cobain himself feeling alienated by hyper masculinity and being the poster boy for progressive counter culture, toxic Nirvana fans appear to be a mix of teenagers going through their grunge rite of passage or middle aged blokes who attest that anyone who lists Nevermind as their favourite album aren’t real fans – especially those phonies who wear band shirts. This isn’t, of course, to say that the Nirvana fanbase isn’t diverse, but as usual, the most vocal ones tend to be the most divisive. 

So when Nirvana makes its way into the mainstream and in particular, superhero movies, fans are often seen emerging from the woodwork to accuse anyone of enjoying the songs as a ‘posers.’ And now that the new Batman movie has gone for a dark, grunge feeling, culminating in one of Nirvana’s less mainstream songs ‘Something in the way’, fans have come out in full force, taking to the internet to voice their displeasure.

“Wow, I bet no one had even heard of this song before it was in the sparkly batman movie”, says one local bloke, Bruce Erikson [34], “now everyone’s listening to it.”

“They only like it because it’s cool now.”

“Probably only listened to like, two songs.”

“All the popular ones of course. I’m sorry but you’re not a true fan if you love Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

“That’s just the facts.”

More to come.


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