A leading spokesperson for Australia’s most horrible and fraudulent psychos has today released a statement distancing their community from the Prime Minister.

This follows yesterday’s National Press Club Address, where Scotty From Marketing was blindsided by journalist who leaked text messages between a party colleague and the former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Network Ten political editor and Murdoch columnist, Peter van Onselen, took the floor to read out the explosive exchange between “a current Liberal cabinet minister” and Berejiklian, where the PM is described as a “horrible person” who was untrustworthy.

Van Onselen relayed the transcript on live television, explaining “In one, she described you as a horrible, horrible person, going on to say she did not trust you, and you are more concerned with politics than people”

“The minister is even more scathing, describing you as a fraud and ‘a complete psycho’. Does this exchange surprise you? And what does it tell us?”

Van Onselen’s question, which came across as more of a personal sledge that left the PM speechless, became the leading story on all nightly news across the country.

However, this devastating blow to the Scotty’s heavily marketed ‘daggy dad’ brand, has left a segment of the community less than impressed.

Kerrod Clyde Bond (56), is a former CEO of a major chemicals company that was found guilty of leaking radioactive waste in the pristine river system within the Tasmanian Tarkine region, he is now the lead spokesperson FAPPAN (Fraudulent And Political Psychos Australian Network).

Standing with a delegation of equally depraved and narcissistic murderers and con-artists at press conference in Adelaide’s Hills today, Mr Bond told the media that the claims that link them to the Prime Minister Morrison are hurtful and unfounded.

“We do not want to be associated with that man” said the spokesman, a self-confessed horrible psycho who nobody trusts.

“We, as fraudulent and horrible psychos, are far more committed to this lifestyle than the Prime Minister could ever know”

“First he was a Christian, then he claimed to be a Cronulla Sharks fan, and now he’s apparently one of us?’

“Our members are hardworking, intelligent people, who make an extra effort to maintain the stigma that surrounds our depraved and godless state of mind. Mr Morrison is not capable of that level of due dillegence and work ethic”


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