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One of the dumbest fucking people in our cosmopolitan desert community is still buying his meat from places like Woolworths and Coles instead of a local small business.

Dennis Pooley, of Grosvenor Circuit in Betoota Heights, has shit in his head where his brain should be because every other day, he walks past his local butcher and into the Jones Avenue Coles to buy meat.

“It’s just convenient for me,” he said.

“I can get everything at the supermarket then just go home. Which is where I get to fish poo out of the toilet and shove it in my ears and up my nose and into my brain,”

“But I do like the idea of shopping at three or four different places. Like the butcher, greengrocer and bakery. If only my butcher gave me Ooshies like Woolworths does? Maybe if I stopped my whole coprophilia thing I’d wake up to myself?”

More to come.


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