A woman’s necklace has decided to act up at the worst time humanly possible, despite having no issues in the past, it’s reported.

Jean Erikson is alleged to have visited The Swooping Duck over the weekend and was lucky enough to pick herself up a fella – or really, she was tipsy enough to have the confidence to stride up to someone.

As the flirty conversation had naturally progressed to him suggesting an Uber back to his, Jean had thrown all caution to the wind and happily given her friends a cursory thumbs up before exiting the premises.

However, it’s later reported that the passionate exchange was cut short when Jean attempted to undo her necklace before beginning the trist – because the last thing she wanted choking her was a chunky necklace.

Unfortunately for Jean, her necklace clasp did not feel the need to cooperate with her urgent fingers, and instead continued to tease a release, the longer she tried to undo it.

Though the pair were eventually able to consummate the act, the passion fervour was reportedly unable to be rekindled.

More to come.


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