After months of pestering from her friends, local woman Elsa Miller has finally done it. She’s unfriended her ex on Facebook.

Though seeing him with someone else would no doubt cause her to completely unravel, it’s alleged the heartbroken twenty-four-year-old had been checking in on her ex roughly twice a day for four months, for any signs of activity. 

But like most men, Adrian Hart rarely updated his profile, save for the odd few news articles he shared or the occasional tagged picture with the boys. 

However, one Sunday afternoon, Elsa had been shocked to discover a photo of Adrian out with a big group of mates at Dreamworld and who appeared to be looking in the direction of a woman – who was at least four people away from him.

As she’d frantically sent the pic to the group chat, Elsa had used all of her art school education to work out his eye trajectory, in an effort to appease her fears – Much to the frustration of her friends, who’d gotten sick of hearing about him all the bloody time.

“Okay but look, is he looking at that girl or someone else?” Asks Elsa as she sends off an edited version of the photo with a red line, “I think he’s looking at her.”

“She does look like his type. Are they together? But they’d be standing next to each other if they were, right?”

“Dammit, she’s not tagged. Who is she??”

As her friends had reassured her that no, he probably wasn’t looking at the girl, it was her best mate Rhiannon who finally put her foot down, saying that she wouldn’t talk to Elsa until she’d deleted Adrian off every social media platform.

It’s reported that even though Elsa had resisted for a few moments, she did eventually succumb to peer pressure and unfriended Adrian. But not before making every one of her hot photos public on Facebook and flicking off the private option on Instagram.

More to come.


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