A wise man once said nothing ever happens after midnight, or 2 am in the city, and for local girl Claire Abbott, that saying rings true.

She should have been in bed hours ago, but in a bid to keep the party going, she’d piled into a cab with the rest of her girlfriends and set off to a random’s house. All in the promise of a good time and plenty of drinks.

But as she’d stared at the meter growing bigger by the minute, Claire was acutely aware how much further she was away from her home and the impending fare she’d have to pay – which was at least four times as much as an Uber from the club they’d been at.

Though she’d hovered before bundling in, showing that even in an inebriated state, she still had some common sense, Claire didn’t want to run the risk of getting FOMO. Or miss out on making the most of her twenties, which she’d come to associate with partying and risky behaviour.

However, as the giggling trio had tumbled into a dishevelled sharehouse, Claire knew instantly that she’d made the wrong decision by the lack of furniture and heavily skewed male to female ratio.

As she’d perused the house for a cute boy and found nothing but stoners, Claire had glumly attended to the array of available drinks on the living room table, which appeared to include half a bottle of Jim Beam, an untouched bottle of Southern Comfort and a nip of Vodka – with no mixers in site.

It’s later alleged that Claire lasted a total of forty minutes at the party, choosing to cop the $50 Uber ride home when an 18-year-old eshay attempted to chat her up.

More to come.


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