A local woman has had to put on her best acting chops today after failing to properly press the record message button.

Zoe Stevens [27] is alleged to have had a run-in with a bloke she used to have a crush on, who’d spurned her advances a few years ago in a rather cruel manner.

Barely registering him as he’d grown an unflattering beard, Zoe had been overjoyed to discover that the dishevelled man waving at her was the very same Luke Berg. Especially as she’d just gotten a cut and blow-dry from the hairdresser and was looking pretty hot.

When he’d asked to meet up for a coffee, Zoe had been practically bursting at the seams for him to wrap up, so she could send her bestie a voice message and a gif of Captain Holt shouting ‘VINDICATION!’

As she’d echoed back the same mean statement Luke had uttered to her years ago, Zoe had walked off with spring in her step, having finally dished out some karma that was ten years coming. Though she’d made it even meaner, by taking a pointed look at his receding hairline.

Nonetheless, though many of her mates would chastise her for stooping down to his level, Zoe knew her best friend Lucy would be equally delighted by the cruel burn.

“Omg Lucy you will NOT BELIEVE WHO I SAW! Holy FUCK, remember that guy from uni? The asshole? I RAN INTO HIM HAHAHAHA.”

Unfortunately for Lucy, her phone failed to record her exciting voice message the first-time round– resulting in her mustering up the same level of enthusiasm to fabricate a real-time reaction.


More to come.


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