A Betoota Heights mother of three has decided to pass the afternoon with a quick ring around of her adult children today.

With a long ago booked week of annual leave passing by at home following this latest national outbreak, Kathy Byers has found herself at a bit of a loose end by Day 2.

Shipshaping the garden over the weekend and filling all those recycled jars with some jams and pickles, Kathy said she thought to treat herself to a lunchtime glass of white and a phone call to her kids.

“They weren’t very talkative though,” said Kathy, whose husband is out the back swearing at some machine that’s stopped working again.

“Lot’s of mmmmmms and yeps”

“Seemed fairly distracted,” explained the mother of 3 working-age young people.

“Don’t have time for their own mother anymore. I bet they’ll be a bit more talkative when they ask about us going guarantor for them.”

“Maybe I’ll make that cheese actually,” she said before hanging up.

Speaking to us quickly via telephone, Kathy’s middle child Aiden explained that he often finds his parents calling during the middle of the working day.

“They don’t call at 8 o’clock when I’m lying on the couch mindlessly scrolling through social media,” he laughed.

“Oh hey love, I just wanted to see if you’d heard about your cousin, and then it goes onto something else before I have to mention I’m at work 3 or 4 times before wrapping things up.”

“Does my head in”

“And then they always sound surprised that I’m at work on a Tuesday at 2 pm”

“Where else would I be”

“Ah bless em,” he sighed before telling us he had to get back to work.


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