Penny (6) and her twin brothers Tom and Roddy have today learnt some new grown-up words after their beloved dad, Ryan, had a mishap in the living room.

After rushing to the street to take the bins out in time for the council pick up, dad was trudging back to the kitchen to make sure he hadn’t burnt their breakfast when both of his feet landed squarely in the middle of the kids’ ever-growing sprawl of lego.

While the kids giggled, daddy fired off some words that should never be said outside of his fantasy football club.

Even after he begged them to never repeat those specific words again, all three are now having a great time watching their dad stress out each time they shout out ‘fucking cunt of a fuck!”

Mummy is reportedly coming home from night shift in half and hour and daddy is ready to book a bus fare to Broken Hill, where he will spend the rest of his life in hiding.


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