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Someone who’s paid taxes their whole life has rejected the government’s plan to give him the death jab, as he calls it.

Dennis Gilbert, a 70-year-old retired sailor and former-live-at-home-son, has lashed out at Scott Morrison today after being rejected at the door when he asked for “the good jab” that doesn’t give you blood clots.

“I want the one he had, the good one,” he said.

As naming either of the jabs or using the v-word can get to taken off social media, this masthead trusts our readers know what is being discussed here.

“They want to give me the bloody Astro Zucchini or whatever it’s called. That’s the one that kills you, according to media. Even the bloody ABC is telling anyone who’ll listen that it’ll fucken roll you quicker than an Inland Taipan,”

“Shove that death serum up your arse, Prime Minister. Give me the one you had. The Michelle Phifer. The good one. The one you’re giving to all the layabout bastards younger than us. The bastards who voted in that Kevin.”

The Advocate reached out to the Prime Minister for comment but as he’s having quite a busy day, this masthead does not expect a reply.

More to come.


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