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Australian lovers of the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise have been enjoying a taste of national drag pride on TV with the release of a homegrown season titled Drag Race Down Under (DRDU).

Unfortunately, many Aussie drags fans are being treated for shock upon hearing the accents of DRDU contestants and asking themselves “is that really what I bloody sound like?” 

Known for being an accent that is hard to imitate but apparently fun to attempt, the Australian accent is believed to have evolved from being able to swear because the queen is not around and a desperate attempt to form a national identity.

Due to this, queer Australians and allies now have to watch their favourite TV show completely distracted by the ocker ‘how-ya-garn’ tone in the voice 7/10 of the show’s contestants. 

“Thank God there are some Kiwis there otherwise we’d sound so stupid!”


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