A Betoota Ponds wedding has been saved from being a completely lacklustre affair with the DJ deciding to whack on the Grease Medley Megamix and crank it up to 11.

According to wedding DJ Walter Casey (54) he doesn’t usually smash the Grease Medley Megamix until later in the evening but upon seeing what an uptight and sorrid affair this wedding reception was, decided to take matters into his own hands.

“People were leaving before the bride and groom so they wouldn’t miss Midsummer Murders,” stated the DJ.

“Also the cannelloni starter was a little cold. It’s really hard to recover from that. Nothing a little Grease can’t save.”

Upon hearing the opening notes of Grease Lighting, the lifeless eyes of the suburban wedding guests lit up, with the resulting rush to the dancefloor injuring at least one waiter.

“I’m aware of the power this song has on people. It makes you forget that some of the lyrics are quite sexist”

Forgetting how boring everything had been thus far, the wedding attendees began forming funny little boy-girl groups that took turns singing the adorably sexist lyrics.

The dance reached a climax as best man Danny Etherington and the brides great aunt Norma Hollis embraced and twisted around in a circle during the final high notes of Summer Nights.

“Dancing with Norma that was funny as fuck!” stated brother of the groom Jock Lowe as he moved his tie from his neck to around his head for a harmless joke.

“Made up for his copy and paste best man speech that’s for sure!”


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