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The International Olympic Committee has taken a huge step today to try and sure up confidence in its officials.

Following more dead heats in the swimming, the organisers of the Olympiad in Tokyo have reportedly decided to fly in a group of regional mothers from Queensland to try and make sure the time-keeping in the swimming doesn’t come under any more fire.

The decision follows a large number of equal finishings, prompting fans to question whether the electronic touchpads in the pool are glitching like a laggy Xbox connection.

The most controversial dead heat has been between Emma Mckeon and China’s Yufei Zhang, where the Aussie swimmer seemed to touch the wall quite a bit quicker than her competitor.

However, while the IOC and FINA had initially downplayed the tin-foil hat theories, it’s believed the convoy of Debs, Sharons, Cathys and Lorraines have been urgently brought in to sort out the situation.

“Their reflexes are unrivalled and their timekeeping is infallible,” said an IOC spokesperson today.

“And good luck arguing with them about it,” he laughed.

“So hopefully this should sort out the whole situation.”

“They said they were all happy to come if it meant they could get the spicy cough jab.”

Armed with the trusty stopwatches that are kept in a lunchbox in the storeroom of the local pool, the regional mums are set to grace the Tokyo pool as early as this evening.


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