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A Northern Rivers woman says a new Porsche is on the cards this Christmas as yet another breeding pair of dumb Sydney yuppies made a September booking for her Byron Bay bungalow.

Wendy Daley reckons there’s “fuck all” chance people in Sydney are going to be allowed to go anywhere before Christmas – let alone at Christmas so she’s considering every booking to come from residents of that shithole to be free money.

“Nobody reads the fine print,” she said.

“They see the price and they get a rush of blood to the head and book it. Then when the government shuts everything down again, they ring me up and fake cry about some bullshit. I just tell them it’s out of my hands, to call AirBNB and they just cry even harder,”

“Yawn. Tell you story to the giant multinational that loves to make folding ones. As far as I know, AirBnB isn’t a registered charity,”

“Oh fuck! Here’s another one! Annabelle from Glebe [laughs] She sure babe, you can have the first of September for the seventh. Fucking hell! [laughs] How dumb are these people?”

The Advocate reached out to AirBnB who said they didn’t care what we wrote and didn’t care about what happens after the transaction is done.

More to come.


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