A family evening watching free to air Gambling Ads has unfortunately been interrupted by grown men in colourful shorts throwing a ball around in an apparent sporting event. 

The Australian gambling industry is estimated to be at least a 20 billion dollar industry, a figure that is hard to clarify due to most online betting agencies being based in Northern Ireland and other equally suss overseas locations.

One thing that is certain however, is that the only things Aussie’s love more than a punt are the gambling commercials themselves.

Once the lushest graveyard for advertising copywriters who never made it in comedy, gambling ads are now a much-loved part of Australian culture with whole TV channels, and the odd sporting code, completely dedicated to the airing of these cultural landmarks.

It is for this reason that many family groups are complaining about the constant interruption of gambling ad marathons by sporting events such as ‘the footy.’

“It is bad enough that the streaming service I am paying to watch these gambling ads on keeps advertising itself,” stated Caleb Dennis, an irate punter who gets equally angry when you mention the family court system.

“But now I have to put up with these yahoos running around and ruining my multi!”

According to Dennis, commercials for online gambling apps have changed his life for the better such as when he learnt he had a head injury after actually laughing at one of the commercials. 

“I’m jealous of the kids today who get to grow up with all these ads like it’s the norm! When we were kids we’d be lucky to get a new TAB ad every five years and we were happy to get them!” 


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