Betoota Ponds fitness junkie Peter Papadopolous (30) chowed down some serious iron man food this morning thanks to iconic breakfast cereal, Nutri Grain.

Produced by Big-Breaky power player Kellogg’s, Nutri Grain is said to be the breakfast of champions, with 20% protein content and decades worth of advertising claiming to be the number one breakfast choice of athletes and people who want to do sick BMX stunts.

However, according to people like Papadopolous who actually exercise, Nutri Grain’s 24% sugar content means it is much more suited to satisfying stoned teenagers than fueling a healthy lifestyle.

It is for this reason that Papadopoluos decided to forgo Nutri Grain with the traditional milk this morning and instead ate the cardboard box the cereal is packaged in as a low-sugar alternative. 

“This will give me the fuel I need,” stated Papadopolous before biting a corner of the cardboard cereal box clean off.

“I might actually be able to run a marathon now.”

When asked about the taste quality of the cardboard box, Papadopolous states it might not be as good as the cereal itself but still shits on Special K.


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