When it comes to alcohol related party games, none are quite as dangerous as ‘Never have I ever.’

Known for almost always becoming sexual, ‘Never have I ever’ is a drinking game that involves people going around in a circle and announcing things they’ve never done, with those who have, required to drink.

Best played with a group of well known friends, it’s all too easy for dirty laundry to be aired.

Though some light natured ribbing is always good fun and a great way to add some spice to a party, it’s all too easy for things to escalate. Especially when it becomes tit for tat.

For local girls Reilly Johnson and Anita Whalan, ‘Never have I ever’ is the perfect opportunity to release some built up resentment and throw each other under the bus – all under the guise of ‘having a laugh.’

It’s alleged Reilly kickstarted the shenanigans with an embarrassing anecdote, and that it quickly became a heated slinging match between the two, much to the amusement of the party goers around them.

“Never have I ever thrown up on a guy.”

“Never have I ever pissed my pants at school HAHA.”

“Never have I ever been let down by my father.”

“…Never have I ever stuck my tongue on a curling tong to see if it was hot and ended up in the ER hahaha.”

“Never have I ever…played porn because I didn’t think anyone was home.”

“Never have I ever…”]

Eying Reilly with a look of pure unadulterated glee, Anita smiles and prepares herself to launch the brutal knockout punch.

“Never have I ever…”

“Don’t do it cunt.”


It’s alleged Reilly was seen storming off in a flurry of tears, as Anita merely told shocked partygoers that ‘she started it anyway.’

More to come.


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