An ambiguously titled ‘Digital Creative’ has found a loophole in the hospitality system in Betoota’s French Quarter and is ready to exploit it to the very last drop.

Freelancer Beth Miller (32) states rather than at home, she prefers to work in public places like libraries and cafes because it is a lot less acceptable to waste your day in these types of places.

One shortfall of treating a hospitality venue as a shared working space is that you really are expected to buy at least a couple of coffees and knick off once you’re done so the rest of the cafe doesn’t have to hear half a Zoom call about how ‘stoked’ Miller is to be working for a company that makes adult nappies. 

Not one to be easily outdone by capitalism however, Miller has figured out a handy hack to stay in the cafe as long as she bloody well likes.

“I just leave a little sip of coffee sitting in my cup,” stated Miller, plugging her laptop into the cafe outlet for the first of many charges.

“If they try to clear it I simply say I’m still going on it and I am, that’s not a lie.” 

Because of societal sponges like Miller, French Quarter cafes have been forced to take measures like withdrawing free wifi or banning laptops altogether.

“To be honest I’ve been waiting for an excuse to get rid of those antisocial shit boxes,” said the proprietor of French Quarter cafe Meatloaf Factory, Wendy Grup.

“Now the excuse is sitting there in a plaid shirt downloading an entire series of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia while her last millimeter of coffee turns rancid.” 


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