Reporters at both NewsCorp and Peter Costello’s newspapers have today been ordered to make sure they do not detract from the editorial positions regarding workplace bullying in Parliament House.

This comes as the Morrison Government’s euphoric Budget Night was greatly overshadowed by the visceral criticism of the PM from one of his previously most loyal foot soldiers.

The outgoing conservative senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has taken a blowtorch to Prime Minister Scott Morrison in her final speech to Parliament overnight, after losing her pre-selection on the NSW Liberal Senate ticket to the politics of the Hillsong faction.

The scorned right-winger has branded Scotty a manipulator who uses his faith as a “marketing advantage”, and uses racist stereotypes as well as conniving treason to roll rivals in his own party.

“He is adept at running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, lacking a moral compass and having no conscience,” she told the Senate.

“In my public life, I have met ruthless people. Morrison tops the list followed closely by [Immigration Minister Alex] Hawke. Morrison is not fit to be Prime Minister, and Hawke is certainly is not fit to be a minister.”

The Australian journalists who answer to Peter Costello and Rupert Murdoch are currently doing their very best to ignore the Senator’s visceral spray towards her own party’s leader, after Fierravanti-Wells outlined a culture of bullying and manipulation in the Liberal Party that makes Penny Wong look Noni Hazelhurst.

In fact, the inconvenience of the outspoken conservative woman is struggling to make one headline – even in the more ‘moderate’ newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age who are much more interested in the overeaching ‘Mean Girls’ narrative they invented last week.

“Ignore the cranky Italian woman” Peter Costello told the SMH newsroom this morning, as he puffed on his editor’s cuban cigar.

“Let the ABC sook about that”

“She’s a complete outlier. Her opinion isn’t that relevant”

“I want you guys focusing on how the Labor Party conspired to have Kimberley Kitching murdered with snarky comments”

“That’s more our lane”


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