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As the latest Oscars have well and truly broken the internet for all the wrong reasons, other award shows are starting to take note of what it takes to garner higher ratings.

This comes as people are starting not to give two shits about glorified trophy ceremonies for pompous celebrities, who as Ricky Gervais so delightfully noted, often use their platform to preach politics or social injustice before patting each other on the back and returning to their gilded cages. 

That, and the transition to streaming platforms, has caused interest in award shows to steadily decline over the years, leaving many producers frantically searching for their ‘white whale’ host. Of course, this comes from an industry that doesn’t seem to understand that people fucking hate James Corden, and that nothing ruins a movie more than seeing that sycophantic self absorbed wanker.

But if the numbers for shows such as Married at First Sight are anything to go by, it appears drunken outbursts and violent encounters are a key draw for audiences, which really shouldn’t come as such a surprise seeing people have always thirsted for violence. Just ask the gladiators.

So after Will Smith’s slap quickly made its way into every news outlet, the Grammys producers were left with just days to come up with a new game plan or be completely overshadowed – but luckily, in Kanye they can trust.

It’s alleged that the controversial rapper had been originally banned from performing at the 2022 Grammys due to his erratic behaviour, with petitions circulating to remove him from the Coachella lineup as well, However, it can now be confirmed that Kanye has now received a last minute invite, which may or may not have something to do with their sudden change of hosts – swapping Trevor Noah for Pete Davidson.

Though many people agree that this all sounds like a recipe for disaster, it’s believed every household in the western hemisphere will be tuned in.

More to come.


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