Rocco, a close friend from footy who manages to remain one of the most popular members of the club despite his religious disdain for the lifestyle of many of his teammates, hasn’t been reading the news.

That’s what he reckons.

When asked by several blokes at training if he’s been reading the news, Rocco says he hasn’t.

In fact, Rocco says he rarely reads the news, or watches it. He reckons.

Unless of course Israel Folau or Margaret Court are being vilified for simply remaining true to the word of God, he seems to be right across that stuff.

But yeah, outside of the daily case number updates, Rocco has no idea about what’s happening in the news.

So there’s no way he could know about the recent NSW Police investigations into the founder of the Hillsong Church who has just been charged with concealing evidence related to the alleged child sex crimes of his late father and fellow co-founder, Frank Houston.

For someone who has constantly takes the opportunity to pitch his brand of happy clapping Christianity to the boys at their most vulnerable moments on the back end of every Mad Monday bender, it seems strange that Rocco doesn’t know the bloke at the centre of his entire identity is an alleged rock spider protector.

He seems about as keen the Prime Minister is to talk about all the criminal allegations surrounding their religion.

“Nah haven’t read the news” he says, for the 16th time, after being asked again by his chubby front rower with a big grin on his face.

“I don’t read the news”

“Probably a beat up though. Always out to get us”

“Anyway, whose keen for some Gloria Jeans after training”


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