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There are thousands of Australians stuck overseas who complain about not being able to come home for a myriad of reasons.

Atop the list is having flights cancelled, as well as not having the financial means to keep on paying for flights that don’t end up taking off.

Today, the Federal Government has updated their advice to those Australians trying to get home after figures released by Border Force reveal thousands of business travellers and tourists have been coming and going from Australia each month.

“The government suggests booking a business class airfare to secure your place on a flight home,” said Defence Minister Peter Dutton, who is acting in his capacity as Acting Vice Deputy Prime Minister this week.

“If you can’t afford it, perhaps ask your parents if they can give you a small loan of perhaps $20 000 to come home and quarantine. But I anticipate a lot of people won’t come because it’s northern hemisphere summer right now,”

“So yeah, the best way to come home right now is to have a large disposable income or be the child of cashed up Boomers. If you’re not then just fucking deal with it for the time being.”

More to come.


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