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One of the nation’s most decorated sportswomen has made her annual return to the spotlight this week where she’s been roasted relentlessly by everyone.

Margaret Court, a former tennis player, is now a Christian minister in our nation’s Prosperous West and had a very low opinion of gay people, transgender people and society in general.

Some in the industry feel Court has these views because she’s older than Moses’ cricket coach and lives her life according to The Bible.

The Bible says lots of very mean things about gay people and degenerates who wear clothes of mixed fibres. It also says things like be a good bloke to everyone and don’t be a cunt but those who enjoy reading the sacred text before bed often skip that chapter.

Never the less, now that Court is back in the spotlight as she’s due to be made a Companion of the Order of Australian (same as Ita Buttrose and John Howard) and that has got people livid.

One of those who thinks Court should just go back to WA and wait for God to delete her from Earth is local tennis court Jodie Dearden.

Ms Dearden said Court has ‘FITH Syndrome’ and shouldn’t be given a platform anymore.

“She has Fucked In The Head Syndrome. FITHS,” she said, pointing at her own head.

“If you took an x-ray of her head, it would just be a bunch of parrots getting scared and confused by all the CDs hanging from the roof,”

“She shouldn’t be wheeled out and patted on the back for being good at tennis, yeah she was good but fuck a blue duck, where do you draw the line?”

More to come.


  1. The Bible doesn’t really say that much about the gays. Mostly, it reserves its bile for the rich and for religious hypocrites.


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