The French Rugby team has today been treated to the height of Australian culture ahead of their kick-off at Suncorp today.

Enjoying a stroll through Queen Street Mall to see things like the heritage-listed Hungry Jacks, the French boys were taken on a brief detour to lap up some our finest French Cuisine.

“Oui oui,” said one of the French props after ploughing through 5 ham and cheese crossiants and a couple of Vanilla slices.

“Just like Paris. I must meet this Michel, his pastries are simply divine,” said another as they wandered down to Suncorp.

“I ave eard your XXXX is better than our Champagne too. I cannot wait to try.”

The cultural tour comes as the eccentric and wildy unpredictable footy team prepare to face the Wallabies in Brisbane tonight, in an unsual but welcome mid-week fixture.

They come in as long outsiders in a rare occasion in recent years where the boys in Green and Gold are favourites to win a few matches in a row.

That comes as a welcome relief for Queensland egg ball fans who had to deal with the Maroons capitulating at The Cemetry 10 days ago, and are in need of a win.

More to come.


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