Following another huge win, English calls about ‘football coming home’ are reaching deafening levels today it can be confirmed.

The loud claims about the sport returning ‘home’ follow a 2-1 victory over the tiny nation of Denmark (population 5.8 million) in extra time at home.

After needing an own goal to equalize, the English football team then had to rely on a controversial penalty to win the game against the small northern European nation.

That victory puts them into their first final at a tournament since the 1966 World Cup, where they will now play the Italian diving team.

The prospect of actually winning something has sent English fans into a frenzy, with hopes that their perenially underperforming footballing nation can ‘bring football home’ by winning a tournament that doesn’t include any South American teams.

Those claims, in conjunction with the fact Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay (who have won 9 of the 21 World Cups) has lead the world to raise its eyebrows at the boasts that football is coming home, with plenty arguing the merits of that claim.

However, while the world casts doubts about how football could come home, and where it’s home actually is, English fans at home and abroad are in heaven.

Football has yet to respond to questions about its ‘homecoming,’ but it’s believed to not be that keen on the idea of heading to the cold and wet shores of England.

More to come.


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