Just like the time they allowed an infected cruiseship full of stroppy boomers to unload in the middle of Sydney’s CBD against the advice of every health expert on the planet, the NSW Government has again made one of those kind of mistakes that seems to keep their my precious voters very happy.

This comes as NSW Minister Brad Hazzard blew a fuse while sparring with journalists this morning, demanding they stop asking questions about his “error” which resulted in 163 year 12 students at one of Sydney’s most expensive private schools being given the Pfizer vaccine – well ahead of the involuntarily unvaccinated aged care workers currently catching the virus on the job in Western Sydney.

The Lower North Shore Wallaby Factory known as St Joseph’s College were pushed to the front of the queue, despite most under-40s in Australia being ineligible for the Pfizer vaccine.

The school has today confirmed that more than 160 students received their first dose of the vaccine after the state’s health department approved the school’s request – because that’s where all the politicians and journalists kids go, so therefore it is a much higher priority for these young bucks to get their jab than the peasant frontline workers.

Brad Hazzard then snapped at the one reporter willing to raise this in his government’s 11am press conference today.

“You know what? The school intended it well,” Hazzard scowled.

“There was a mistake and so what? It’s happened. Out of a million vaccinations. Move on!”

While it might be easy for the political class to dismiss the ‘simple mistakes’ that keep occurring in the middle of the most important public health programme in living memory, the people of NSW are still are waiting to see what it looks like when the government makes a mistake that make actually benefit the working class or working poor.

The comments in the Sydney Morning Herald and Auspol Twittersphere appear to show a lot of upper middle class parents of Aryan darlings who don’t seem to see a problem with the fortunate sons getting vaccinated before actual workers.

The NSW Health Minister’s office refused to comment when asked by The Betoota Advocate what the likelihood was of his department accidentally vaccinating the entire senior year of Rooty Hill High School.


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