There’s some bad news for environmental activists today, with revelations that we may never be able to talk about the dangers of climate change again.

With floods ravaging Northern NSW and the South East Corner of Queensland it’s been confirmed that our national disasters are now so frequent that it will be insensitive to ever have a discussion about climate change in the future.

That confirmation comes from the federal Coalition government, who have been quick to remind the nation in the past that the time before, during, and after a national disaster is not appropriate to talk about the effect mankind is having on the planet.

Speaking to The Advocate earlier today, Environment Minister Susan Ley explained that last year’s Glasgow Climate Summit may be the last time we ever hear about climate change being something that is ruining our country and our planet.

“Look, I get it, 99% of scientists and climate bodies are warning that doing nothing other than commit to Net Zero 2050 will have devastating economic impacts as well as costing thousands of extra lives a year down the track,” explained Ley today.

“But, it’s just insensitive to talk about this issue that successive federal governments, media personalities and business people have turned into a politically loaded debate grenade,” she said.

“And now with worsened natural disasters as a result of burning a fuck load of fossil fuels so frequent, I can’t see there ever being enough water under the bridge to discuss the link to climate change and people’s lives being ruined.”

“It’s a shame, but that’s just the world we live in.”

More to come.


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