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A dad from regional Queensland has this weekend had the shock of his absolute life, when he decided to visit his daughter in Brisbane, it’s reported.

Steve Hindmarsh [59] made the trip after a four month campaign by his wife, who insisted it was time he stepped out of his comfort zone and did something new. And though Brisbane was hardly the hustle and bustle capital of Australia, it was remarkably bigger and busier than Tambo – which has roughly three cafes, one restaurant and a place to watch chickens race.

So naturally, when Steve landed in Brisbane, he was seen staring through the car window with a look of both wonder and distrust, much to the amusement of his daughter, Steph.

“Jesus christ, is it always like this?” asks Steve, referring to the traffic, “I could never live here, everyone’s packed like bloody sardines.”

However, the biggest cultural shock wasn’t the increase in population or the dizzying array of infrastructure, but the price of burgers. A fact he’ll make sure to carry on for at least a few weeks.

“Fifteen bucks for a burger? That’s daylight robbery.”

“This better be the best burger I’ve had in my entire life.”

Unfortunately for Steve, there was a further insult to injury when the burger didn’t arrive with chips, and his schooner of beer came to $9.

“You’re fucking kidding me, why the fuck would I pay an extra $4 for chips?”

“I can get a schooner at my RSL for $3.50. Honestly Steph this isn’t right, they’re ripping off patrons.”

“I’m disgusted. Never coming back.”

More to come.


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