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As sick leave Scotty continues to isolate himself from regular Australians, our nation’s leader has been watching enough free-to-air TV to actually start believing he’s a good Prime Minister.

After getting roused at by Jenny for firing up the Wii bowling, Scotty returned to watching the TV stations owned by his mates and was delighted to learn that he is and always has been a good Prime Minister.

“Jenny! Come in here! They reckon I’m doing a good job for someone who’s sick!” stated Scotty before forcing out the feeblest of coughs.

“Always nice to meet a fan isn’t it?”

Although once very popular, free-to-air TV has fallen out of fashion in recent years due to being 33% adverts and containing the sort of political bias with a penchant for do-nothing governments that start wars with competitors such as social media companies and the ABC.

However, free-to-air TV is the only place where you can catch up on essential viewing such as Survivor and MAFS meaning that Australians who don’t do a lot of reading are easily swayed by arguments that ScoMo must be a good PM because he’s a daggy dad just like you.

And now in a twist no one saw coming, sick leave Scotty has become the latest victim of the sort of propaganda that got him elected in the first place.

“You know who I’m not sure about is this Albo bloke! I mean what is he actually doing right now? Because from where I’m standing, it looks like a whole load of nothing! Although I usually do turn my back on him or get Dutto to shut them up when he or his mates start talking but enough about bloody work! I’m sick!”

“K’eh, k’eh. See!”


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