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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is set to return to work early today after learning the AFL is going to go ahead with crowds at the MCG this weekend.

“That’s not acceptable,” he said.

“I need to lock this city down before it’s too late.”

Flanked by a jacked bloke and some handsome nerd, both of which are yet to be identified, Mr Andrews left his house in Melbourne’s windswept south-east this morning for Parliament.

The injured public servant spoke briefly to our reporter via telephone while on the way in.

“These people have no idea what’s at stake,” he said.

“Why would you have crowds? Didn’t the world learn from the mistakes in Italy some 14 months ago? How it was under-control until a football game, where it spread and ended up plunging Europe into their darkest days since the last time the Germans got a bit emotional?”

“If this game goes ahead with crowds, we could be done for. The only way to stop this is with another snap 6-week lockdown.”

However, Dan’s Plan has been obviously met with opposition.

The Advocate is seeking comment from them but a reply is unexpected.

More to come.


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