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The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs and Waratahs of the AFL have today tried a bold new tactic to save their season.

Sitting at the bottom of the AFL ladder, the North Melbourne Kangaroos have decided to go for an unmasked walk through the Whittlesea area.

In a weird attempt at self-sabotage it’s believed the poor old Kangas are trying to prevent themselves from copping anymore towelings.

The Whittlesea area is home to the 15 case cluster in the State of Melbourne’s North, with authorities fearing another full blown outbreak could be in the cards.

While the AFL seems to be plowing ahead for now, with crowds given the green light for this weekend, if history were to repeat itself it could spell trouble for the competition.

However, it won’t be business as usual if the one from ten Kangas have anything to do with it.

The larger training squad have reportedly just finished their walk through the suburbs, and of course Highpoint shopping centre with the boys making an effort to lick door handles, traffic lights and encroach on everyone’s personal space.

“It’s would be the dream scenario for us,” explained coach David Noble.

“You can’t lose 24 games if you don’t play em,” he laughed.

“So just the 10 losses for the year would be a great result for us.”

More to come.


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