A local boyfriend has this week managed to ruin a movie by becoming a human IMDB.

Leslie Wilson [24] had been trying to soak up some much-needed quality time with her partner Ryan and figured a movie would be the best course of acting for a night spent cuddling.

However, what should have been a relaxed time night has somehow prompted her usually reserved boyfriend to become uncharacteristically chatty and explain, in-depth where Leslie may have seen the actors before.

This was especially annoying as they were watching a murder mystery, and Leslie was trying to figure out the twist before the final reveal.

“That’s the chick from Blade Runner 2, think she’s dating Ben Affleck now.”

“Not the best movie hey, fucking Jared Leto.”

“I reckon some weird shit’s going to come out in a few years about him. Something about the eyes, completely soulless.”

“OOOH OOH shit that’s what’s his name…fuck… babe he’s from Boardwalk Empire.”

“Aw look it’s old mate, he’s dead now.”

“SHE’S AUSTRALIAN!!! Muriel’s Wedding!”

It’s likely Leslie was unable to hear anything that was happening but luckily Ryan should be more than happy to catch her up to speed.

More to come.


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