A landmark study has been released today finding a direct link between two of society’s most painfully obnoxious acts.

The report released by the Betoota Anthropological Society (BAS) concluded that there is a definitive correlation between doing ‘Shoeys’ and yelling ‘Niceeeee Garrrrrrrry’ or ‘Bowling Garrrrrrrry,’ for no reason at all.

The above phrase was made popular by former Australia Wicket Keeper Matthew Wade who used to chirp the phrase at bowler Nathan Lyon whose nickname is ‘Garry,’ and has since become prevalent in popular culture.

The Head of BAS Mark Harden explained to us that they have spent nearly 12 months compiling the data and finalised their research on the phrase today after the summer of cricket began.

“What we have found is that those young men who tend to make people uncomfortable by doing ‘Shoeys’ in any social situation involving alcohol, are also the same men who yell the phrase made popular by the former Australian Wicket Keeper,” Harden said.

“With the test summer beginning today, Australians should be prepared for a barrage of ‘Nice Garys.'”

Harden explained that they were currently trying to figure out why the young men in question carried out both of the acts mentioned above.

“We believe it may have something to do with a lack of other defining personality traits, but can’t say for certain just yet,” Harden said.

He then explained that anyone saying the phrase ironically was exempt from the findings.

“People don’t yell it ironically every 10 minutes.”


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