An expecting couple down in Melbourne’s trendy suburb of Brunswick have moved to assure their friends and family today that they certainly will not be hosting a ‘Gender Reveal Party’ anytime soon.

Brianne Pittman and Con Butcher made the declaration today after fielding questions about the bundle of joy that is expected to enter their lives in a few months.

With a due date early in the new year, the young couple said that too many people have been asking about whether they will follow the recent trend, and elect to have a gender reveal party.

A gender reveal party is a celebration where either the guests, the expecting parents, or both find out the sex of the baby and has risen to prominence in recent times, with one couple featuring in the news after their burnout reveal set fire to the car someone was driving.

However, Pittman and Butcher told us that they certainly won’t be holding one of those parties until their child is at least 10.

“We don’t want to be pushing any particular gender on our little darling,” said Butcher.

“We know a gender reveal party is for Suburban bogans, but it isn’t if you let your child choose.”

“Our position is that we will have a gender reveal party, but will be waiting until our child is at least 10, and has enough of a conscience and an awareness to make the decision about what gender they are comfortable with when they are ready.”

“And if they aren’t comfortable with any particular gender, then that’s fine too,” explained Pittman.

“We will still have a party, and the Kombucha, Apple Cider Vinger and IPA will flow like the rivers of Babylon,” she laughed.


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