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Patrons of Betoota Heights church, The New Betoota Community Church, are getting delivered from evil in style as the weekly newsletter lets loose with a healthy dose of Comic Sans.

Released by Microsoft in 1994, Comic Sans is a popular font inspired by casual comic book style lettering.

In the wake of extreme overuse, the font suffered widespread ridicule in a precursor to Nickelback style hate.

Since then, the once loved font is now rarely seen, making appearances only in regional public schools and the menus of cafes that must be a front for something.

Once again not quite getting the memo of what is and isn’t the go these days, The New Betoota Community Church has said ‘heck no’ to plain newsletters and added a splash of fun by publishing the lot in Comic Sans.

“Doesn’t this just look great,” said parishioner Chris Tucker as he flicked to the section that warned of the dangers of gay couples adopting.

“There will be no sad faces reading the obituaries this week!”

“Except for the Reed family. Both parents in one go hey. Would take some serious Jokerman to put a smile on their faces.”



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