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According to The Bible, Jesus Christ died for our sins but a local office worker, Allan Salmon, reckons he might have sacrificed more.

As an IT Manager in an Old City District startup, Salmon is used to working ten hour days five days a week with his only respite being his coveted two day weekend which provides him with about half the time needed to recoup his energy.

And this weekend it looks like he will need to work double time to get his energy back as he has effectively lost half of his weekend autonomy to attend a child’s first birthday party.

Although Salmon does not have children of his own, his girlfriend does have a nephew that would be absolutely devastated if Salmon did not give up his whole Saturday to celebrate 12 successful months of living.

“I don’t have kids because I don’t want them ruining my free time,” stated Salmon, while wondering how much booze, if any, will be available at the party of the baby he isn’t even related to.

“What I want doesn’t matter apparently.”

“Maybe none of this matters. Maybe I should quit my job, dump my missus, move to the coast and finally learn how to surf.”

Realising there would be no one to feed the dog if he did skip town to become a surfie, Salmon decided the easy thing to do was to suck it up and accept that a lifeform incapable of taking care of itself would rob him of half of his weekend.



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