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CHECKING PROGRESS: Personal trainer Aidan Moss (31) claims he just wants what is best for his clients which is why he always implements a great big dose of life advice amongst the fitness tips he is actually qualified to give.

Aside from ensuring his clients are using proper stance while lifting, Moss likes to talk about his general day-to-day while his trainees strain as they struggle to lift a set of weights that Moss handled like it was a measly sack of washed potatoes.

“Yeah it’s just good to know what people do for a living, although it’s obvious most of them work jobs where they are sitting all day, which is killing them for the record,” stated Moss, who must have forgotten the hours he spends watching basketball at work.

“Any tips I can give them to be healthier while they are sweating and squirming in front of me trying to do one squat is the least I can do.”

According to insider sources, Moss’s tips are more than just fitness related as one client of his reports to have received 50 podcast recommendations from the PT in the three weeks they’ve trained together.

“I put Joe Rogan on and I thought ‘OK, they are just chatting, when does the podcast start?’ Turns out, that is the podcast!” stated one of Moss’s clients.

“And it goes for four hours!” When met with the accusations that he recommends way too many podcasts, Moss denied his recommendations were excessive before demanding to know which client had made the accusations.

“Was it Shell? Did she at least listen to Dark History yet? It’s really good!”



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