Date : July 14 03TEL: 01452 821203Archaelogical work at Fro

Date : July 14 03
TEL: 01452 821203

Archaelogical work at Frocester Roman Villa is in its 43rd year under the guidence of farmer turned archaelogist Eddie Price. Eddie is (80) this year and stiil a regular digger himself.
The site has had occupation from 1500 BC to 700AD. The first 35 years of the work on the site was published in two volumes in 2001. Mr Prices work has resulted in an excellent understanding of how the site has deveopled over this period of time and yieled a number of wonderful finds. One of the latest finds is a Samian ware Lion’s head spout from a second century mortarium vessel. Three have been found on the site before , but this example is of ‘good quality, and a nice find’ said Mr Price. Also found this season by his team of volunteer diggers was a small prunning hook, a bracelet and a second century broach.




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