Several old papous sitting out front of a greasy spoon cafe in Betoota’s Flight Path district are really giving it to each other this afternoon, it has been confirmed.

Passing tourists say they were stunned by what looked like a full blown domestic dispute between local the post-war migrants, Conrad, Spiros, Yanni and Alex outside the GOOD CAFF cafe at 3pm QLD time.

“I just didn’t know what they were yelling at each other” said one rattled yuppie, who was in the area doing a tour of the light industrial slums in an effort to find an affordable house close to the CBD.

“I can’t understand Greek so I just assumed they were fighting over money or something.”

“It was quite a passionate display of either loving banter or venomous vitriol”

The target of the spray, Spiros (81) was seen grinning cheesily while being berated by his peers.

“Είσαι ανόητο παλιό galah. Πληρώνετε φόρο σαν ένα skippy!!”shouted an 82-year-old Conrad James, in what appeared to be an abusive spray, before he broke into a grinning laughter with the rest of the cohort, who are yet to acknowledge the state’s 2006 ban on smoking in outdoor eating and drinking areas.

“Είμαι αυτός με το αγγλικό όνομα. Πώς αγοράσατε πολλά αυτοκίνητα για τα εγγόνια σας και μην τα έχετε καταχωρίσει”

At time of press the entire group were seen yelling at each other over a dispute of rules in the same card game they have played outside this cafe for thirty years.


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